Trucker's Friend

  • All-purpose survival tool
  • Heat-treated and resharpenable axe
  • Rust-preventing black oxide coated, hardened stainless steel tang
  • Includes axe, hammer,  recessed nail puller, pry bar, wire twist and tire chain hook
  • Split wood, pry nails, chip away ice, and much more...
  • Shock-absorbing rubber grip and fiberglass shaft

Designed in the USA



"Trucker's Friend" Video



Handy Rescue Tool

  • Professional Fire and Rescue Tool for police, firefighters and rescue workers
  • Meets all 4 categories for fire department forcible entry tool
  • Reliable, versatile and affordable
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Shock absorbing power grip and fiberglass handle

Made in the USA




Survival Axe Elite

  • The Ultimate Survival Tool
  • 30 Features in One Tool
  • 1055 Carbon Steel Tang
  • Glass Reinforced Nylon Handle
  • Fits in the glove box of your car
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty


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"Survival Axe" Videos