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So, Your Trucker's Friend has a dull blade

So you purchased your Trucker's Friend, got the package in the mail and were ready to really see what this baby could do (only to later discover that the blade was well, sort of dull). The lack of sharpness provided on the curved blade of the Trucker’s Friend has given many customer reason to contact us asking  why we sent them such a dull blade and or advice on how to sharpen the TF’s curved axe. The short answer to the first question is that, for safety reasons, the Innovation Factory decided to put the choice in the customer’s hand. In this way, it is up to you, the consumer, to decide how you want to hone the sharpness of the blade. What’s more, some of our most ardent users, particularly service workers, prefer to receive the product with a duller edge just for that reason. Nevertheless, the question still remains, how do you, sharpen your tool to your desired sharpness? To answer this question, Cub Master Ray Allen (who has held several classes on how to sharpen the TF) has provided some step-by-step advice.  To begin Allen notes, The Truckers Friend already has a great bevel for abusive use and cutting so as you prepare to sharpen your tool you want to make sure to keep the original angle on the axe blade. To get the best resutls out of sharpening your tool, Allen suggests using bastard files which are not only tempered but can be exposed to hard use (some examples include Axes, shovels, hoes, machete's). The End of this step-by-step guide should help you to remove enough metal to sharpen the tool but not change the bevel of the blade  Now let’s begin! To follow our step-by-step guide make sure to use a 10" bastard file.  The reason for this is because the cross hatch on the file makes a cleaner line than a single line file. We should note, both options will work but the single file will also work you to death Step1. Clean the surface of the tool. This helps keep the file clean and also makes the work area easy to determine the angle. Step 2. Clamp or brace the tool with the edge hanging over an open surface (table edge or stump). With the file at a 20-30 degree angle you want to push it away from you until you see clean metal. This will be ten strokes (+/-). Step 3. Repeat on both sides keeping the angle exactly the same. The pressure on the file is medium not hard and after five strokes it should smooth out. Step 4. Once done with the file, take a wet stone and hone the burrs down until you are happy with the result.  For those of you trying give the Trucker’s Friend a SUPER SHARP blade Allen makes sure to note, the tool will not and is not supposed to be razor sharp. The edge would become too fine and as such, the edge will chip. If the edge does chip it can be worked out with the same file, you’ll just need a little more time.   [caption id="attachment_1149" align="alignright" width="640"]Nothing can stand in the way of the Trucker's Friend Nothing can stand in the way of the Trucker's Friend[/caption]   **Rule of thumb, if the edged hits a hard surface ten times you need to re-sharpen the TF. Never use any power tools to sharpen the blade. This will ruin the tool by harming the temper of the blade.  As always please leave any comments or questions below. We love feedback!

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