Holiday Gifts from Innovation Factory

Your mailbox is full of coupons and your email inbox is stuffed with the "latest deals," but are you still struggling to find the perfect gifts this holiday season? Innovation Factory offers reasonably priced tools and products for all your friends and family. These multi-purpose tools are made in the US and backed by a lifetime guarantee.  Here's 3 affordable and unique gift ideas for those difficult people on your shopping list.

IceDozer Plus 2.0

1) The Commuter : Though winter weather has been off to a slow start, there's no doubt that morning commuters will soon be battling icy conditions. The IceDozer Plus 2.0 helps early-risers to clean off their cars without wasting precious time. The product combines a plow device and an ice scraper, so it's perfect for handling frost and snow. The added brush also helps to remove cracked ice and dusty snow. At just $21.95, it's a handy tool that can be stored in a car trunk and accessed at any time.

The Trucker's Friend


2) The Camper: The Trucker's Friend™ designed to meet the needs of truck drivers, is an all-purpose multi-tool that helps with hacking, prying, pulling or pounding. It's commonly used for removing debris, hammering nails and prying bars, making it the ideal companion for camping enthusiasts.  The lightweight and affordable tool is used by search-and-rescue teams, proving it is versatile enough for all types of campers. Plus, for under $80, it's a unique gift that combines many tools into one easy-to-use product.
Blizzard Survival Kit
3) The Doomsday Prepper: It's no surprise that the idea of an impending apocalypse has flooded various forms of pop culture. Whether or not you believe zombies are about to roam the earth is up to you, but it's important to be prepared for all emergency situations. The Blizzard Survival Kit is the perfect emergency kit for every car. With the unpredictability of superstorms and blizzards, this handy product can be a lifesaving kit. The Blizzard Survival Kit includes 2 hand warmers, a body warmer, a thermal reflective blanket, a 400 calories emergency food bar, a dual-tone emergency whistle, an SOS distress flag and an 8 hour light stick to help alert rescuers. For under $20, this kit is perfect for all your family members, especially those making long holiday drives.
To make your holiday shopping a little easier, check out all the Innovation Factory products. All your purchases are lifetime guaranteed and make all the difference in everyday or emergency situations.

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