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2826th Engineer Battalion at Fort Hood Love’s the Trucker’s Friend!

We had always thought that the Trucker’s Friend made an excellent gift but we never knew how creative and sentimental a gift the TF could be until we got an email from Fort Hood Texas. The 2826th Engineer Unit is a closely connected group of smart men and women working diligently for the United States Army to protect America.  A few weeks ago, they contacted the Innovation Factory to learn more about the customization possibilities for the Trucker’s Friend and to share with us how much they enjoy the tool! As we learned from 1st Lt. Randy Wintermantel, 36th Engineer Brigade, “In my unit, when a soldier leaves, we give them a gift. We love your ‘Tuckers friend’ as a Farewell gift.” Although a long tradition to give a gift in the battalion, it was in much thanks to Wintermantel’s Battalion Commander who already owned a T/F, (and loves it) that the battalion decided to transition the TF as the farewell gift for the engineers of battalion 2826 when they leave the unit. Below is a picture of how they go above and beyond to customize the T/F. photo-8

Do you customze your T/F? If so, let us know in the comments

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