Survival Axe for Camping, Preparedness and Outdoors

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Survival Axe for Camping, Preparedness and Outdoors

I am super excited to announce a new tool in my arsenal! The folks over at Off Grid Tools were kind enough to contact me and send over one of their OGT Survival Axe products for me to review! This little guy is a fantastic outdoor multi tool with heaps of functionality that can get you out of all sorts of outdoors survival jams. So, let’s check out the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe!


Off Grid Survival Axe – Many Tools in One!

I love it when gear has multiple functionalities to it, and the OGT survival Axe provides the user with a wide array of uses in many different situations. First off, it’s an axe. You can cut things with it (Thanks, captain obvious). The construction of this tool is made with 420 grade stainless steel and is coated in a black oxide coating which is rust inhibiting. In terms of weight, it’s 1.49 lbs (0.68 kg) and feels pretty light in hand. Where this tool shines, of course, is that you can do so many different things with it. The axe head probably could use a little bit of sharpening out of the box to make it more effective, but in swinging it at some very dead oak branches I have in the back yard, it was still taking good size chunks out of the tree with each swing.

More exciting to me personally is that the Off Grid Tools survival axe features a rectangular hole that fits perfectly with a gas main valve. As I am sure you have read in many disaster preparedness articles, a vital thing to do in some emergencies is to shut off the gas to your house (especially in situations like an earthquake or tornado) this can prevent a home explosion if there was ever an issue with the gas lines or the potentiality for gas sparks within the home. Yes, you could accomplish turning this valve off with a regular wrench, but often times these gas valves are very difficult to turn since they have been in the “on” position for years on end – the off grid tools survival axe gives you great leverage to put your body weight into turning this and it can be accomplished rather quickly. Added bonus, this gas shut off valve wrench also doubles as a bottle opener, so you can enjoy a frosty brew after you’ve saved your home from exploding!

Another awesome feature of the Off Grid Tools survival axe is a 6″ folding saw blade that comes out of the handle. I tested this on a 1″ thick oak branch and was able to saw through it with ease – Off Grid Tools also makes the claim that the saw is capable of cutting through metal.  The saw blade comes out with a spring based opening mechanism and then locks in place, similar to a folding knife.  Even better is that you can dis assemble the handle and replace both the saw blade and the seat belt razor any time you feel the need to.

The hammer head and claw of the off grid tools survival axe are nice and heavy and putting a carpenter’s nail into a block of wood was super easy to accomplish with it. I then was able to also easily pull the nail using the claw hammer feature.  This would be great to  have as well when camping as an easy implement to hammer your tent stakes down, or really pound anything you need to into the ground.

Overall this is a fantastic multi use tool that I was very impressed with – the fact they could get so many uses into one small package was outstanding, and I feel like the off grid tools survival axe is a great item to have in your car for every day emergencies. Off Grid Tools makes a few variations of this product including the Pro Version which is slightly more expensive. 

They also have a longer Hammer Axe that from my research used to be known as the Trucker’s Friend, and it has some of the same functionalities as the survival axe, but with a longer reach.

Anyway – hope this article peaked your curiosity!