Trucker's Friend™ Makes Austin Lifestyle's List of Gifts

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Trucker's Friend™ Makes Austin Lifestyle's List of Gifts

Guys Gift Guide: Great Gifts Galore!

Too much alliteration for ya? I just get really excited about finding unique gift ideas for the men in my life. It was always so hard to figure out what to buy my dad for holidays, and I find it equally perplexing to figure out what my husband might want or need. Here’s some items we’re jazzed about this holiday season. For the fix-it guy — Innovation Factory has a multi-purpose tool called the Trucker’s Friend, and your guy doesn’t have to be a trucker to drive this gift. The Trucker’s Friend is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, someone with a home garden or the Mr. Fix-it type (and it is 100% made in America). It has a curved axe, pry bar and lever. It can hammer, pull nails and scrape ice, as well as features a spanner, tire chain hook, and wire twist.
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