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Trucker's Friend™ Perfect for Emergencies, Outdoors, Zombies, and More

The Trucker's Friend was reviewed in the "Who Said Nothing in Life is Free" blog. Here's what blogger Amy had to say:
Uses for the Truckers Friend (love the last one):

Truckers: This professional-grade tool is truly the trucker’s best friend. Whether removing objects embedded in tires, repairing (or dismantling) pallets or chopping away ice and debris, you’ll feel real peace of mind with this serious tool in the cab beside you.

EmergencyWhether breaking your way out of a burning vehicle, prying up debris to free a trapped victim, or for aggressive self-defense; in any situation that requires hacking, prying, pulling or pounding, the Trucker’s Friend can be a true lifesaver. Used by Search-and-Rescue professionals.

Outdoors: The Trucker’s Friend replaces many tools to make yourhiking, hunting, camping or other off-road experience safe and enjoyable. Whether chopping kindling, pounding tent stakes or even for protection from wild animals, you’ll be glad for this strong companion on your next trip ‘out there’.

Job Site: The Trucker’s Friend is an indispensable addition to every tool kit – both for professionals as well as DIYers. Whether on the job site, in your home workshop, around the farm on in the trunk of your vehicle, you’ll be glad for the company of this unique and versatile multi-tool.

Zombies: The Trucker’s Friend, aka the Zombinator, is a must-have should there be a Zombie Apocalypse. You can hack, pound, pull or pry just about anything into submission. Definitely won’t fly at an airport security checkpoint.

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