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How does your volunteer team get its funding?

For the most part Yankee 1 has funded itself out of the members own pockets. Though for hurricane Isaac other non-profits picked up the tab and we deployed to the Mississippi Gulf Coast ahead of Hurricane Isaac. Once on the coast we ran an aid station at an evacuation shelter during the storm and then went to work before the storm was even over doing emergency home repairs for at-risk persons. We didn't do any SAR work there, we are not a swift water rescue team.  Towards the end of our time on Gulf Coast we linked up with Team Rubicon in some of the worst hit parts of Louisiana. We have also had a couple of corporate sponsors like Innovation Factory donate some items. We also now have a Paypal account that people can find at Funding has been one of our biggest bottle necks. To fully equip a single member of Yankee 1 with all the required protective and search equipment is about fifteen hundred dollars. Add in travel costs, big ticket items and other associated costs and it is a very expensive undertaking.

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