Search and Rescue -

What have you found are the most useful tools in SAR?

Personal Protective Equipment, internally framed back packs and the Handy Rescue Tool. Yankee 1 is set up to be able to operate without vehicle support, much like a wilderness search and rescue team. This puts a premium on weight. If we can't carry it, we don't have it. First comes the protective equipment, helmets, eye protection, nomex suits, boots, gloves, respirators the things we need to keep our selves safe. Everything else has to find room in a pack or on a harness. Where ever possible we look for things that are A) lightweight but durable and B) able do multiple jobs. For example the Handy Rescue Tool®, it is light weight, strong, electrically insulated for safety and is an ax, hydrant spanner, hammer, nail puller, pry bar, hook puller and gas shut off tool all in one.

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