Rating the Weapons of The Walking Dead

With the finale of the Walking Dead in sight, fans of the show have seen pretty much every which way to kill a zombie and then some. In honor of the show's fourth season wrap-up, we have decided to run down rate some of the show's choice weapons. Share your favorite zombie kills and weapon choices in the comments.
daryl-dixon-new-crossbow1. Daryl's Crossbow: Not only is Daryl a master of the Crossbow (think Katniss), but he also has managed to take some seriously good care of this life-saving tool. When does he not have this in tow? Pros: Daryl can reuse each and every arrow, making it a consistently reliable tool. Plus, the emotionally detached, brooding man has lost pretty much everyone, but the love of his Crossbow is always there. Cons: This Crossbow adds some serious weight to Daryl's baggage. Luckily, he's a man who holds onto nothing--not even feelings. Michonne-walking-dead-sword-1012-xlg2. Micchone's Katana: Micchone looks like a pretty BA assassin with her Japanese fighting sword, slicing off heads left and right. Pros: Micchone has intimidation factor down pat. You do not want to mess with her. We give this weapon some big points for all its decapitation features. Cons: There's no way that holding the katana is as easy as it looks, and it has to take practice to really get the form down. Plus, in a small crowded area, this weapon is just not the right choice.
rick-colt-python3. Rick's Colt Python: Before Rick started getting all weird and pacifistic, he was all about showing off his sharp shooting skills. Let's remember that he did not use a gun to kill off his ex-best friend who was causing some baby mama drama
Pros: It's a gun. It shoots. It kills. Cons: In an apocalypse, you assume you need a gun, but in many cases, this is just wrong. Not only are gun-users constantly running out of ammo, but they are just drawing all the zombies in with noise. Plus, if you're Andrea (RIP) you might accidentally shoot Daryl. Glenn (Steven Yeun) - The Walking Dead - Season 4, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC4. Glenn's Machete Arsenal: Nice guy Glenn seems to have an assortment of machetes at the ready, and it works out pretty well for him. Guys with machetes get the girl, apparently. Pros: It's a practical weapon that is not too difficult to use. It's small enough to carry on journeys in search of your long lost love. Cons: This is a close proximity weapon, meaning Glenn has to get up close and personal with the walkers. Now that doesn't sound very fun, does it? One wrong move and he's done. 5. Various Odds & Ends (hands, rocks, hammers, bricks): When it comes down to it, weapons aren't accessible all the time. Countless characters have killed using nothing more than their bare hands. Pros: The apocalypse is pretty depressing, so at least coming up with last minute weapons means that these characters are exercising their creativity. Plus, it's the true survivors that can survive with make-shift weapons. Cons: The success rate with being unprepared is pretty low. If you're not quite the genius MacGyver, then you end up a MacGruber, which just means you're SOL. zombieyxaOK, stop right there. You know what these civilians of the apocalypse could really use? A Trucker's Friend™,  obviously. If every character had one of these multi-tools, zombies wouldn't stand a chance. Plus, they could put together some shelter, cut down some firewood, and easily store the weapon when on the road.  

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