Zombies -

Which is more important in a zombie apocalypse: beans, bullets or bandages?

This is a question that gets asked more often than I think it needs to because on its face it appears to be more a matter of opinion than it really is. The short and simple answer is beans, or food stocks, are the most important and are second only to water in importance for survival. Without food, you will die in a matter of weeks. And before you finally die, slowly and painfully, you'll be weakened and unable to do much of anything. It's not a pleasant way to go. Even if you're not expecting the end of the world, you should have a week's worth of non-perishable food on hand for every person in your house. This will serve you well in the case of any natural or man-made disaster. That being said, I am a gun owner and recommend that everyone serious about prepping keep at least firearm in their home. It's just in the big picture, food is more important. I also don't subscribe to the theory that “With bullets I can get all the beans I want.” Aside from being morally repugnant, this theory is based on the assumption that there will be someone out there with beans for you to take and that they will not have their own bullets with which to defend them. Should this assumption prove false, then you will be left with little other choice than to eat one of your bullets. It's a tough meal to swallow, but fortunately you only have to do it once. As for bandages, they have their place and they should be a part of any emergency kit. However, your best bet is to double down on safety and injury prevention and avoid having to use them at all. Any injury that requires bandages is a risk for infection and will serve to decrease your operational efficiency. If you're planning on needing a huge stockpile of bandages, you had better reassess your survival skills and perhaps make arrangements to join with more competent preppers in your area.

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