Zombies -

Who gets sacrificed?


Q. If you had to sacrifice someone so the rest can get away it would be fattest person nearby, right?

A. If I had to sacrifice a group member, I wouldn't necessarily base my decision on weight. I'd have to look at the situation and decide who was the least valuable to the group. That being said, I'm not a big fan of the sacrifice play. It's dramatic and makes for compelling storytelling, but it's not a good plan in the long term. First, such a move is horrible for morale. When you're dealing with a world turned upside down, the only people a group of survivors will have to rely is each other. If you start using each other as bait, the group will implode pretty quickly. Anyone you choose is likely to have friends and/or family in the group and sending them to be zombie-chow isn't going to sit well with them. Secondly, fighting zombies is a numbers game. They've almost always got more numbers than you and they are always making new recruits. You've got to conserve your forces and keep every member healthy and functional in some way. People who cannot move quickly due to age, injury or disability should not be put in situations where they have to move quickly. Finding yourself in the hypothetical situation you propose is the result of poor planning, poor execution or poor leadership and any of those three will doom you to join the zombie army.

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