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Spring Camping Checklist

camping packing checklistNow that the weather is getting warmer, you're probably itching to get out your camping gear and head out into nature. Spring is the perfect time to sleep under the stars -- months before the sweltering weather and overwhelming crowds. However, Spring also offers some unpredictable weather so you'll need to be prepared. We've put together this camping equipment checklist to help you get ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you this Spring. In addition to the essentials, you'll want: 1. Air Mattress- The ground may still be cold or frozen in the Spring, so you'll want something warmer to sleep on. Air mattresses come in all shapes and sizes to fit your campsite -- and they're easy to transport. 2. Hatchet- You're going to need wood for your campfire, and you'll need a hatchet to chop that wood. Innovation Factory's Trucker's Friend™ is the perfect tool for just that. Whether hacking, prying, pulling, or pounding, we've got you covered. 3. Sunglasses- Even if the temperatures aren't soaring yet, the sun can still be blinding during Spring months. Your eyes may even be more sensitive to sunlight after a long winter. You'll be happy you packed some protection. 4. Small Towels- Obviously, you'll remember a towel for showering but you may not have thought to bring some smaller towels too. This is a wet and muddy season, and you won't want to be wiping mud with your shower towel. Instead, pack a smaller size that won't weigh you down during a hike. 5. Emergency Kit- Emergencies happen without warning, and it's often difficult to be prepared. Our survival kit has items such as a glow stick, food bar, thermal blanket, and emergency whistle to keep you safe should the worst happen. Of course, you should also put together a first aid kit. Did we miss anything in our camping packing checklist? Let us know! For even better preparation, check out our wilderness injuries blog post.

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